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Our Process

We believe our core value to clients is rooted in a strong advisory relationship distinguished by a personal and long-term approach.

This begins with understanding the client’s emotional and intellectual needs in relation to finances, as well as, their life objectives and financial goals. It is our job to assist our client’s in becoming informed decision makers.

An integral part of this responsibility is to prepare clients for the “certainty of uncertainty”.

We believe people want to make smart, responsible and values-based decisions with and about money. However, this can be a challenge when conflicting emotions are wrapped in the unexpected or uncertain.

This is where practical, professional experience is invaluable. It helps clients avoid the paralyzing emotional depression at the bottom of markets and irrational exuberance at the top. It is our duty to objectively and candidly advise clients, even if it is not what they expect or want to hear.

We believe the increasingly complex and evolving world of finance requires flexibility and even occasional improvisation. We have acquired many methods and solutions from years of experience working with hundreds of clients. This practical wisdom helps cut through the confusion and complications of a new client’s situation or an existing client’s changed circumstances. This approach gives clients the confidence to act and produces progress toward their goals.

We believe a holistic view of our clients’ wealth management needs is the foundation for delivering comprehensive advice focused on achieving their life goals. Our advisory services span investment, risk, tax, retirement, and estate planning needs and our responsibility in all cases is to provide personalized advice and effective risk management. In doing so, it is also our responsibility to listen effectively and serve professionally.

We believe a strong advisory relationship must be characterized by integrity and delivered through solutions and advice that are transparent and understandable.